List of abbreviations used in PDS

In the personal development school by Thais Gibson, some acronyms are used. I am compiling a list of PDS acronyms. Thank you to all PDS members which contributed to this list.

AP: anxiously preoccupied attachment style (person)

APA: American Psychological Association

AS: attachment style

AT: Attachment theory

BTEA: beliefs – thoughts – emotions – actions

CDQ: Client Discovery Questionnaire

CJ: Carl Jung

CNS: central nervous system

CW: Core Wound(s)

DA: dismissive avoidant attachment style (person)

FA: fearful avoidant attachment style (person)

IAT: Integrated attachment theory

ICA: inquiry, compassion, accountability

NEA: needs -> emotions -> actions

NS: nervous system

PDS: Personal Development school

PN: personality needs

RAS: Reticular Activating System

RLP: relationship

RLSP: Relationships

SA: secure attachment style (person)

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