November 2021

Anxiety is stronger than you think

I believe that anxiety fundamentally underlies many human interactions. And different people have learned their own individual coping mechanisms. Which manifest as avoidance or hyperactivation. All these coping mechanisms serve to minimize anxiety, which is perceived as threatening. Possibly anxiety is the body’s mapping to threats which it perceives as potentially lethal. It is it’s …

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Dishwasher-safe relationships and friendships

There’s a trick to making all your dishes, cutlery etc. dishwasher-safe: you just treat everything as if it were dishwasher-safe, and discard the items which are not. Eventually, everything you own will be dishwasher-safe. How about applying this to friendships and relationships? You know you need certain things from people. For example to respect your …

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Circus animals

A circus consists of: animals acrobats clowns magicians and of course their acts, costumes, the circus tent, popcorn, sweet drinks, etc. did I forget anything? This is a recipe for a circus. Yesterday my family watched two documentaries about circus families and their hard lifes – always struggling to keep things going, etc. But why …

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