One question rule

Yesterday I saw a woman taking a selfie in front of a building. After a little consideration I approached her and asked her whether she wanted to take a picture taken of her. A brief conversation ensued – the woman was happy to interact with me. She was a Japanese stewardess.

This is an example of me using my “one question rule” for interactions with other people. If I want to talk to a person, I will ask them one question, or make a comment – just one. I will see how they will react, and whether they are interested (engaged) in the conversation.

I am thus giving them and myself the chance to engage.

Many people are shy and will not take the first step.

Besides that first question I do not force the dialogue – if I notice the other person is not really engaged, or would rather not continue to talk – I will stop.

In many cases it is quite suprising what conversations might develop. I have spoken to many different people on my journey through Australia, and it has made the journey richer.

Photo by Naitian(Tony) Wang on Unsplash

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