Barking up the wrong tree? About worth

There is no such thing as “absolute worth” –  but always relative worth.

Yes, to people who reject us we are not “worth” a lot. Because they have different needs, and their needs drive their perception of worth.

To someone who is hungry and in the desert, gold is not worth anything.

To someone who has plenty of food, and access to the modern banking and trading system, gold is worth a lot.

It’s relative; trying to “prove our worth” to someone who does not need what we have to offer is an exercise in futility.

Another interesting perspective, this time about self-worth: how much are we worth to ourselves? How well do we take care of ourselves? How much time do we make for ourselves?

Trying to prove our worth to someone who needs something different (who is essentially incompatible) is a self-defeating behavior.

Remember, you’re a lion, a lioness, and not everyone can deal with what you have.

Photo by Dominik Lange on Unsplash

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