I’ve stumbled across a great blog about horses yesterday: Pferdeflüsterei (in German). It came at a great point in my life, reminding me about some fundamental truths of humanity & compassion.

I think a lot of the things about a relationship with a horse (for example being fair, not putting it under pressure, understanding it’s pain …) also apply to the relationship to humans.

It’s so easy to forget and put our needs first, and get overly focused on them.

And criticize anyone who doesn’t meet them as “emotionally unavailable (woman)”, etc.

But this woman – she has her own pain. This blog reminded me to treat her in a gentle and understanding way. Even if she’s not really open for a relationship with me, she is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect, honesty, compassion.

Maybe doing this will allow her to take some steps on her path towards healing and trusting again.

That’s what this blog talks about – about trust between horses and humans. That they will be treated gently, with understanding.

That, if a horse (a human) says no, there is a reason – and something to explore, and understand.

A horse looking at you, photo by Luisa Peter / unsplash

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