The hidden costs of being a dick to other people

I had a friend, A., in Munich, with whom I used to do lots of things. We would go on walks, talk. I spent one new year’s with him, watching movies.

We would also spend time together at his girlfriend’s apartment. This girlfriend was a bit older than A.

One time, when we were in the kitchen, about to help ourselves to some food, the girlfriend came in and said: “No, don’t eat that – it’s old.”

A. said: “No, you’re old.”

From zero to hero. Not.

This story stuck in my mind. Later, when I was moving to Leipzig, everyone showed up, except A.. – I realized I didn’t feel comfortable calling him up and asking him why he didn’t come. I didn’t feel comfortable with him.

The lesson: if you’re a dick to other people, your friends notice. And at some point you will have no friends anymore.

Be polite, be respectful. Don’t do passive agression. If you are unhappy with someone, for God’s sake, just leave them and move on.

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

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