Why marketing should only have one message

This is one of the most bizarre newspaper ads I’ve read.

In this newspaper advertisement, a person suggests to sell an analogue model train, 4 years old. Also, modern cattle stunning tongs (Computer stick – apparently with embedded intelligence?), also they suggest that they will slaughter small animals and smoke your sausages and bacon.

There is little chance that there is someone who needs all of their services at once; and actually mentioning the cattle stunning tongs along with the model train might make it less likely that I would want to buy the model train.

How can we apply this to dating, and relationships?

Sometimes less is more. It’s better to focus on one message and one group of people in a certain type of advertisement, than trying to appeal to everyone or multiple groups. A woman reading your profile on Tinder, Bumble, or other dating platforms will want to see the big picture, and that the things which you put in it go together well.

Don’t try to sell model trains along with offering services for smoking sausages.

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