Autosuggestion, the work horse for change

Today I will introduce you to the concept of auto suggestion, the work horse in PDS.

As we discussed in the BTEA article, your actions in stressful situations will often be initiated by beliefs, which in turn create thoughts and emotions.

To work on the beliefs, you can identify the deep subconscious beliefs driving this using the core belief identification process, and then apply autosuggestion to balance this belief.

First, an important truth: Our goal is not to put false things into our head. Our goal is to balance beliefs which have settled in our minds, through traumatic experiences or otherwise unbalanced life situations. Our goal is to equilibrate these beliefs, to become better adjusted to life the way it is for us today.

Because in the past, the beliefs you built were not random. They were driven by actual events which happened to you, and an interpretation of these events using the information you had at the time. These beliefs served you in the past.

When they start to interfere with you trying to live life as it is today – for example overreacting / overeating / neglecting your health / lack of sleep etc. – it is time to step up, thank them for their protection in the past, to let them go and reprogram them.

How does autosuggestion work?

Using autosuggestion you repeatedly present proofs to your subconscious mind, of the thing you want your subconscious mind to believe.

It is important to mix these proofs with emotions!

Studies have shown that we remember facts much better when they are emotionalized. You remember people for the way they made you feel, positive and negative.

An example, please

For example, if you want to reprogram the belief: “I am unsafe financially”, which is driving painful emotions (anxiety, etc.) and causing you to overwork, etc. you can formulate the opposite of it:

  • I am safe financially, because:

and then start to put proofs next to it. Get as specific as possible, and tune them to your particular life situation. Only put things here which you actually believe!

  • I am safe financially, because I have 10.000 USD in savings for emergencies, and have not used any of them in 10 years.
  • I am safe financially, because I have a good relationship with my boss, and am a good employee – I know that I really matter to the company I am in.
  • I am safe financially, because I have a great social support network and social insurance.
  • I am safe financially, because I am reading financial advice and living frugally.

practical autosuggestion advice

Do the autosuggestion in the mornings and evenings. Set aside several weeks at least to see results, and continue with the practice. Repetion + Emotion are the two important ingredients,´.

Put only proofs you actually believe in!

This is not a logical discourse – you are not trying to prove / compare both sides. You are reprogramming your subconscious, which will accept whatever thought you give it. You are reprogramming it to let go of old beliefs which do not support you anymore. They had their role, but now need to be replaced by updated beliefs.

Give yourself an ambitious goal of proofs. I suggest to target 500 proofs, and number them sequentially.

I set myself a timer – 4 min – and run through the proofs, as many as I can.

Write these proofs out, on paper, or type them up.

Do this right before going to sleep, and right after waking up – the subconscious is especially receptive at these times.

I will discuss in subsequent posts how to identify the beliefs to work on, and also variations of the autosuggestion.

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