I am an entrepreneur with an eclectic background. Currently into Raspberry Pi, Artificial Intelligence, and Personal Development. A big fan of Thais Gibson and her YouTube channel & school :-)

7 areas of life

The seven areas of life is a shortcut to reflect about the different areas of which your life consists. It is useful to use this list and think about the different areas when using autosuggestion to work on updating core beliefs. Or when you are doing emotional processing, and looking for proofs – you can …

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Updating Coping mechanisms

Coping mechanisms and strategies are the things you do in response to a heightened (negative) emotional state. For example, a dismissive avoidant attachment style frequently will have negative associations with vulnerability. When they have been uncharacteristically vulnerable with someone, they will often have a “vulnerability hangover”. They will distance themselves, not return calls, and not …

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Emotional Processing Pro Tip: Work on the right set of stories

Just now I was again processing on a situation with an employee. My thoughts kept straying to another situation – which of course plays into my emotions (our emotions are a reflection of the sum of the situations we find ourselves in currently). Therefore, part of the equilibration of my emotions, a big part of …

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Transparenzregister: seit wann wirtschaftlich berechtigte?

Seit wann sind die Personen dieser Mitteilung wirtschaftlich Berechtigte? Bitte geben Sie das konkrete Datum an. Sofern dieses Datum vor dem 01.10.2017 liegt, können Sie auch die Auswahl “Vor dem 01.10.2017” wählen. Ich habe von meinem Anwalt für die Firmengründung folgende Auskunft bekommen: es sollte hier der Notartermin eingetragen werden, zu dem die Firma gegründet …

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